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My name is Christopher Rapp, and I often dream about my younger years at band camp. We had 3 cabins, the Scum Bags, the Scum Balls and last but not least, the scum buckets. Thankfully I was grateful enough to bunk with some real scum buckets, 2 timers and future exotic dancers (mostly smurfs). I created this site to show recognition to all of the scums of earth out there that are proud to be exactly who they are, "SCUM BUCKETS".

That reminds me of my Uncle Louis, he’s a real scum bucket. Last thanksgiving he decided to host thanksgiving for the family. He told us that he wanted to have it at his favorite local restaurant and he sent the address out in a mass text message to the family. When thanksgiving came around we all showed up on time and weirdly enough, the restaurant was called “the gentleman’s club”. My mother was furious with Uncle Louis and insisted that we all leave immediately. Uncle Louis said “OK fine, but before you go wait here”. Next thing you know, Uncle Louis came out with the strippers, dancers and bottle girls and screamed “SCUM BUCKETS FOR LIFE”.

Ever since that day, it’s become a family tradition for Uncle Louis to host thanksgiving infront of the strip club. God Bless my Scum Bucket Uncle Louis.


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If you are a scum bucket, Chris would like to share his appreciation 👏

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    What is a Scum Bucket?

    A scum bucket is a worthless, dishonest, or cruel person; a scoundrel.